Adding a CMS to Your Flask Web App Transcripts
Chapter: Rich editors
Lecture: Concept: Using SimpleMDE

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0:00 I would say that simple mde lived up to its name not in its capabilities but in how it is that we set it up and incorporate it.
0:09 And in order to do that, we just go to the page where we want to add the advanced Markdown editor were
0:16 Carter Text Area. And first we're going to include the CSS. And when you have this shared layout,
0:22 the easiest way to do that's have a block back in the shared layout where CSS goes and then render stuff into that block.
0:28 So here we just added the CSS out of the distant folder for simple empty. And then we did the same thing for JavaScript.
0:36 We added the simple Mde JavaScript file. And then we create a new instance of simple MD point.
0:42 It say element is whatever document docket element by 80 the name or the I D Rather of that element, we also in our code,
0:51 said spellchecker capital C colon false because actually, as I've used this more realized, I don't really love the spell checker,
0:59 but, you know, maybe it's useful to have who knows Anyway, This is really nice and super easy to use right.
1:05 And be a minute NPM install these two steps and he massively upgraded the user experience

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