Adding a CMS to Your Flask Web App Transcripts
Chapter: Rich editors
Lecture: Demo: Installing SimpleMDE

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0:00 it's time to install simple MD. Now we could just go download and copy it in,
0:06 but we would like to version and be able to upgrade and manage the versions of Simple Empty. And there it's dependencies overtime.
0:14 So what we're going to Dio is we're gonna go over here into the static folder notice we're in chapter nine could now,
0:23 after Nine Ridge editors, I made a copy from before, as always. So over here in the static folder,
0:29 what we want to do is we want to install those libraries that we're going to need. Now, we're gonna use no Js in particular in pm to do that
0:39 So in order for that to get saved here, what we need to do is we need to jump out here real quick. And here we are in our static.
0:50 Let's go to our aesthetic are not there. Here we go. So here, next to our CSS and our images, we need to run in PM in it now,
1:00 you need to have no Js installed. If you never do anything with node, fine. Don't worry about it.
1:04 It doesn't really matter. We're not gonna do anything with node we just want in PM We're just going to use it as a package manager like Pip,
1:11 but for our JavaScript to we're gonna just go through here. We don't really care what the answers are. We just need to generate this package.
1:20 Jason here. So when we install stuff, this is going to be treated as the top level of our application, if you will. So now,
1:28 toe actually get what we want to install. Simple Mde will say in PM in B M installed Dash Dash, Save Simple MD. Let that go.
1:38 It's gone and it's downloaded Simple MD. But it's also added five packages with a whole bunch of other stuff.
1:45 And apparently there's an upgrade for in PM as well. But the most important thing is that we look here. We now have a node module,
1:52 and if we see, do I have tree installment? We look in there, we can see that we've got code mirror. Could mere spellcheck marked simple MD,
2:02 which is what we want and type of jazz. All these other things are what simple indie needs toe work,
2:07 but we don't care. It just all got installed and managed by NPM So we're done with that. And over here now, notice that a bunch of stuff got added.
2:16 No need to worry about this for a moment. We dig down in. These are the two files that were looking for work with
2:24 a CSS and the jazz. And because these are sub folders and no dance modules is a simple, they're ecstatic both.
2:31 When we go to deploy this through Injun X, and when we run it locally through flask, it will be able to serve up those JavaScript files.
2:39 You want to make sure that this is somewhere within static folder. That's it. We now have simple MD and the dependencies installed we can use in
2:49 PM to check for security problems and upgraded if those come along if we want a new version or anything like that again,
2:56 if you want to just go download all these libraries and copy them over. That's totally fine. But I find that life is a little bit easier if we
3:03 just let in PM, take care of everything and all lines up in a relative sense and so on. All right,

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