Adding a CMS to Your Flask Web App Transcripts
Chapter: Rich editors
Lecture: Choosing a markdown editor

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0:00 so far, we've been able to write, mark down and have our website render it. I'll be a little bit slow, and we're gonna work on that soon.
0:08 But what we couldn't do is edit it nicely. We had to write in just a silly text area thing in our Web page, and it knew nothing about the format.
0:18 There were no hot keys like command be, wouldn't bold our code of We've selected something hit command be so we want to add
0:25 that capability to our site. So the idea is we want to go from this basic text area like this, and this is already kind of advance.
0:31 You can see it's like showing different sized fonts for the things and so on. But we want to go from just a text area to something like this,
0:39 where it is actually rendering the text a little bit better. Where we have this toolbar and we have honkies. Of course, you can't see hockey's,
0:46 but they're here, right? You can hit command, I for I, Tallis, ease or command be for Boulder control,
0:52 your own Windows or Linux. So that's the goal of this chapter. Now, like many things either in Python or in general and programming.
1:01 We don't want to build this. This is a lot of work we could we shouldn't. So what we're gonna do instead is we're gonna use an existing one.
1:09 And I've chosen simple mde, simple markdown editor. That title seems kind of redundant there,
1:15 I guess. But anyway, simple mt dot com That's what we're going to use now. Just this is not the only choice. There's a lot of markdown editors,
1:23 but this one is simple. It has beautiful views. It has really nice features. It has the hockey's that I want and so on
1:31 So if you find one that's better, that you like better, that works better. That's fine. This isn't the newest or the latest or the greatest,
1:38 but this one is really good and really well, simple, Hank, the name said. So we're gonna plug this into our Web app,
1:43 and you're going to see the back end editing experience goes from not so great,
1:47 even for people who know Mark down well to a really nice editor for even people

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