Adding a CMS to Your Flask Web App Transcripts
Chapter: Markdown as our format
Lecture: Concept: Rendering markdown

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0:00 Let's just quickly review how we render or convert Mark down over to HTML and this is it. This is all of it.
0:08 Why is it so short? Because we get to use the awesome marked down to library. We don't have to write all the tricky work to do that convergence.
0:14 So we just make sure that we install and then import marked onto. We specify the extras, the extensions to standard mark down that we want to use
0:22 Especially for us. It's fence code blocks in code friendly and tables, probably at some point. And then we just say, Go to the market onto Lybrand,
0:29 say, mark down, give it the text, passing the extras. And for now, we're using safe mode equals true.
0:35 That gives us our HTML and we just throw that in the page and boom, we have, ah, much,
0:40 much nicer way to represent the content of our pages without the dangers of HTML and

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