Adding a CMS to Your Flask Web App Transcripts
Chapter: Markdown as our format
Lecture: Extras in markdown

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0:00 If you look at the HTML that we can right over here, it's actually fairly limited. There's a base mark down that is sort of uniformly accepted
0:10 And then there's extras. My get hub has its own extensions to mark down So, for example, notice that this is its own block of code that
0:21 should be treated more richly is kind of like a whole section. That is a code call out that's not being done there.
0:28 And if you wanted to write a table like tabular data gonna put a table in here, well, that doesn't work by default in the base marked out.
0:36 So what we can dio super easy is we can come over here. And if you look at the mark down to documentation,
0:42 there's a bunch of extra features or plug ins you can turn on. So I'm just gonna pay some here so we don't have Haitham out so we can
0:51 have better line mother lists. Be more code friendly. Who doesn't want that have fenced, could blocks. That's what I was talking about,
0:58 I believe, and then also have support for tables and in order to use thes all we gotta do, say the extras are these options that were passing in save
1:07 Why should restart. Human is still running The little green dot in the bottom left means it is boom. Look at that.
1:16 Well, we didn't have any tables that were totally broken that now work. But this code block down here looks totally different,
1:21 doesn't it? Right? We still get the same code. Look here, these little bits, but not for big chunks of code.
1:28 I don't know if there's more than one line now, but they would all be in the same gray box if you will. Now, if we do a quick back and forth,
1:34 you can see Here's what it looked like before Hey, what it is before and after.
1:40 All right, So really, it's just that could blocks the main coal blocks that are changing on this page. But like I said before,
1:45 if there's a table here would be broken there, it would be fixed here and so on. All right, well, now we have a higher level of mark down that we

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