Adding a CMS to Your Flask Web App Transcripts
Chapter: Saving content to the DB
Lecture: Using pages from DB

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0:00 now that we've made some changes to our CMS service for pages we've had toe pass more information to create a page,
0:07 and we've changed from using dictionaries to the page class itself. We gotta go on update where we're using this page right here.
0:14 You can see there's little warning from pie charm saying There's something missing you're gonna put
0:18 in the creating users So we'll just pass the email again of the logged in user like that. And then let's Joe check out the view models or at it Paige
0:29 and notice, because of the type ends we see right away. What's going on here, Right? There's issues. Page classes never get. But it does have a title,
0:38 you or l, and a content. That's good. Anything else? That one looks OK over here in this request view model. Let's go look and see right here.
0:54 We're doing dot content are we should be doing dot contents. All right. Ah, we may be in a place for this to work. Let's go and give it a shot.
1:04 All right, over here. Where? Our pages. Where did they go? Well, of course, we're no longer getting them from that fake data,
1:10 and now we're going to the database. But we haven't created one, so it's gonna be empty. Can we add one? So far,
1:16 so good. Let's just go and borrow the data out of our fake data here the most important one is the donate. So we'll come over here and say,
1:26 donate to the PSF, and it's just donate. And the contents are just this. Okay. Look at that. The pages now in the database we could edit it
1:39 may be yes. Yeah, that works. Now. Could we view it? Oh, yeah. So we go click on Donate. Now, this is coming out of her database.
1:51 Fantastic. Well, let's go and add the other two as well. We had our team. That was company slash employees.
1:59 Just put it back. So that worked like the rest. You know, the rest of the course what we've done so far,
2:05 It had these two pages. Let's just add them in here. Perfect. We got our team in company history.
2:22 All right. Does just check him out. Yeah, that one works, and that one works, and it looks just like you would expect.
2:28 And of course, donate. Bernie is working as well, so that's really good. We got our admin section of your pages,
2:35 our pages right there. And it looks like everything about them is working. And because we used a nice separation between the view models,
2:44 the admin views and the CMS service or services in general, we really only had two. Mostly mess with the service and then patch up the
2:52 view model real quick. Okay, so I think that that's pretty sweet. In order to celebrate, let's go and delete this.
3:00 That says you want to make sure you're not gonna crash something. Nope. We've already stopped using that. Now we deleted the fake data,
3:08 and let's just rerun it just to make sure that yeah, actually, we're not using it. We come over here, go to our admin pages.
3:16 Yes. There they are. We'll go to donate. Donate still there? Of course, this is now coming out of the database. There are many things in the database.
3:24 Before, we had 96 projects in 5400 releases 85 users, along with other things in there.
3:32 Right when you goto boto core like all of this was already in the database when it got started, but now are read Rex,
3:38 like going to visit the courses as well as the pages these air all now stored in seek welcoming our sequel Light through Sequel Alchemy.

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