Adding a CMS to Your Flask Web App Transcripts
Chapter: Saving content to the DB
Lecture: Need to learn SQLAlchemy?

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0:00 are you new to seek? Welcome me. Have you not used it before? I need to learn it. No problem.
0:05 So in this course, we're not focused on learning sequel Alchemy. We're not teaching you all the things from scratch,
0:11 just like we're not teaching the Web framework or CSS or a bunch of other things
0:15 However, being able to work with the database and sequel Commie is super important And if you can't do it, it's gonna be a big problem.
0:23 So here's what I've done instead of adding on a big section as part of this
0:27 course where you need toe work your way through sequel coming regardless of your experience.
0:31 What I've done is I've taken the lessons that we had from our data driven Web app course, where we literally built the first part of this application,
0:40 the data driven part and we talk about sequel alchemy. In that course, there's two chapters in there. One called modelling Data was sick.
0:47 Welcome me and the other is called using sequel Commie. And what I've done is I put that in this course,
0:53 so you have access to it already in its in appendix. If you need to learn sequel Commie Pause This chapter. Go back to the course page,
1:01 find the modeling with sequel Commie Chapter and get started there. This is actually the exact project that we're using here.
1:09 So in that course, we built from absolutely nothing up to what we started with with this course. We build the entire Pipi I clone,
1:17 including the database. So the appendix literally talks about building the data at the database access later as we're using it.
1:24 So it's the perfect appendix for what you need. That said, if you already know Sequel Commie.
1:29 We're not doing anything crazy. You don't need to go and watch that, but if you need to learn it,
1:33 it's there. Be sure to take advantage before you move on.

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