Adding a CMS to Your Flask Web App Transcripts
Chapter: The redirects (our
Lecture: Adding the admin section

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0:00 We started this chapter by taking a couple of pre greeted fake database backed redirects and wiring them into our CMS. Now,
0:10 if we type slash bites that takes us over to the Python bites site, if we type slash courses, that takes us over to the courses at talk about
0:18 on training we even saw how to carry on marketing extras like you tm source and
0:24 other query string information that we might want to pass along over there. Well, that's all good. But really,
0:30 what we need is a system in place so that we can edit and create these read Rex. We'd like to be ableto be sitting our computers A Hey,
0:39 I'd like to have another redirect on our site log in and without messing with the source code without touching the database.
0:45 Just start typing on the website and have additional euro read. Rex happened. And ultimately we're gonna use the same technique or CMS pages which will
0:53 let us edit the content of the site directly. But we're gonna focus on reader experts because they're simpler.
0:59 So this is what we're gonna build something that looks like this a little back into
1:02 admin section that Onley admin users get access to and over in the section we're gonna
1:07 have to. Things were gonna be ableto list and edit redirects in the list and edit pages. It said in this first chapter just redirects.
1:15 But that's where we're headed, Okay? And we're gonna get started by building this page right here.

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