Adding a CMS to Your Flask Web App Transcripts
Chapter: Routing for the CMS
Lecture: A better 404 error page

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0:00 I want to show you some fun stuff on the Web and then how our app is very much not fun. Right now.
0:07 Let's make it fun. If somebody comes to our site and requests something that's not there, for example, Help is not currently implemented.
0:14 If we click on that, we get this boilerplate plane not found. There's no help. There's no like other navigation and there's nothing like that,
0:23 right? So that's not very fun. What's fun is have a really cool and playful for a four page. So let's check that out over here.
0:30 There's some examples on this page. If we come down here little bit, here's the first one from Pixar and says, Ah, don't cry is just a 404 error.
0:40 That's pretty cool. Here's one from Edward Scissorhands. The pages in here, Please don't stare. Maybe you were looking for Edward Scissorhands.
0:48 Come down here. This one's pretty cool from Marvel. This page could not be seen, not even the eye of a watt to seize your request.
0:56 And you probably typed in something wrong. Go somewhere else. You still have the navigation across the top.
1:00 You've got what would have been a very negative experience. I try to go somewhere and it literally didn't work.
1:06 Kind of mapping, laughing. I looked at it like, Yeah, that's cool. Now let's go see if I can find what I was
1:10 actually looking for. So what we want to do is we want to add this capability, this playfulness to our web application.
1:18 And what does this have to do with our CMS? Remember, over here, when you make a request,
1:23 you either get a page, you gotta redirect or you get a 404 And so I want to take this idea of returning this for four here and make it much

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