Adding a CMS to Your Flask Web App Transcripts
Chapter: A tour of our demo application
Lecture: A tour of our demo app

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0:00 Let's take a look at the Web application that we're going toe add our CMS to After all, the whole point of this course is to take an existing blast
0:08 Web app and add this content management system capability to it. So we're gonna take a nontrivial Web application,
0:16 and we're gonna upgrade it to be so much better and easier to maintain. Add features to add Pages two and so on using our CMS.
0:24 So let's take first a look at the Web app itself, and then we'll look behind the scenes behind the curtains and look at the source code
0:32 and how it's put together. And finally, we'll get you up to speed and running on the APP. Make sure you can download it, install it and get it going.
0:40 As Python developers, you very, very, very likely been to pipi i dot org's. This is the central location for managing,
0:49 finding and installing all of the amazing libraries that we haven't Python here,
0:54 you can see there's 225,000 different projects that we can use the Pip install project name
1:01 over here. We can see that we've got this landing page we can log in We can register. We go down and find some package, click on it and get details.
1:10 This you can see appear in the top. You have the package name? We've got things like release history links over to the
1:17 home page and what not. So this is really cool. All right. You can see some info about a here.
1:23 You see the latest version when it was released and so on. So if you work with Python, of course, you've been over to Pipi.
1:29 I right. Well, let me show you a slightly different version. We can come down here and find a project. Say AWS Eli here, we got our page.
1:37 You can see When it was last released, the information about it, it's home page. We could go visit his home page as well,
1:45 but notice something a little bit different about this one. Look, where is living? This one is running on our local machine.
1:51 That's right. These two projects one is the rial Pipi I and the other is gonna be our demo application again. We can log in, we can register,
1:59 we can get help with it. And so on to this is the app that we have to work with and then we're going to extend it. We're going toe and features to it.
2:08 For example. You'll see some things are missing. Like help Not there, donate, not there yet featured projects, not there.
2:16 A couple other things. It would be nice to be able to create those. And instead of going and writing new parts of our website as source code,
2:23 as developers, we'd like to be able to use our CMS to create, like, the help page in the donate page and the future projects in way more
2:30 than that. This is the app that we're going to start from and we're gonna add all those capabilities to during this course.

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