Adding a CMS to Your Flask Web App Transcripts
Chapter: Course setup and requirements
Lecture: git the source code

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0:00 to work with this project, take this course and follow along, writing the code. You're absolutely going to have to go and get the starter project
0:08 This is a non trivial, data driven Web application that we're adding a CMS, too. So unless you want to go and create the whole thing or,
0:17 you know, maybe all along but add it to your own app you wanted to fall on exactly. You really want to go over here and get the code,
0:24 download it and have it locally to start working from. And as we work in Chapter three and four and five,
0:31 you know, take the starter code for three and might work it over till it's what it should be in four and then to five and so on.
0:38 Do you want to go to the get have repo here on the screen is also listed in your course page, your student page and the course training site.
0:46 So you just click to get a repo right there, and it will take you straight to the ghetto repo, so that's the easiest way to do it.
0:51 But make sure you either clone or download as a zip file this also,
0:55 Starrett on even consider for Kinetz here on account so that you have it saved forever All right, So don't forget to get the source code.
1:02 We're actually gonna see how to do that, coming up soon in the next chapter.

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