Adding a CMS to Your Flask Web App Transcripts
Chapter: Course setup and requirements
Lecture: Our code editor

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0:00 if you're going to fall along, probably the best thing to do is use exactly the same tools that I'm using during
0:06 this course, and I'm gonna be using the editor High Charm. This by far, in my opinion,
0:12 is the best editor or Python in general and really specifically for data driven Web app because it has awesome database tools,
0:20 really good Web support as well as Python itself support. So I recommend that you're going to use Pine Charm for this course.
0:28 The best way to get pie charm is to get the jetbrains cool box app,
0:31 because then it lets you automatically choose between different versions rollback versions.
0:37 If you need to, it will auto update for you and things like that. It's the free little extension You might have to create an account,
0:43 but then you could just install things. Now. High Charm has two versions, has the Community Edition, which is great for regular Python code.
0:51 In the professional version, which is actually what's needed for Web development,
0:55 the database tools and the Web tools are only included in the pro version. So your choices here if you already own Hi John Pro good use it.
1:03 If you don't, there's a trial you can use The trial of you've already used up your free trial. You can buy pie Charm pro by the month.
1:11 It costs $9 for regular users per month, so you could pay $9 once and while you're taking this course,
1:18 or if you're a student, you get it half price 04 50 for a month And if you have an open source project, you can get it for free.
1:25 Visit the site under buying their special offers and individuals and monthly payments and all that
1:30 So the point is, it's either can be gotten for free or very, very cheap, like 4 50 a month of your student and so on.
1:37 However, if for some reason you don't want to use by charm, the other editor that I recommend is visual studio code, So visual studio code is really,
1:44 really nice. It's just not as nice as pie charm, in my opinion. But if you do get it, make sure that you install the Python extension.
1:52 It's the most popular one, so it should be right at the top of the list of extensions here. But you're gonna want to click that little tab,
1:59 and then it will open up this thing. You can install Python because you're gonna have to have Python.
2:04 Of course, in order for you to do stuff with it for the Python code All right, so that's the story with editors.
2:10 I would recommend use pi charm professional if for some reason you can't or don't want to do that visual studio code is a great fall back.

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