Adding a CMS to Your Flask Web App Transcripts
Chapter: Welcome to the course
Lecture: Student expectations

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0:00 So let's talk quickly about what we expect you to know before used to get started
0:06 taking this course. Obviously, matching the expectations mean you'll be able to follow along and keep up and understand everything as we expect.
0:14 So it starts with Python. This is a Python Web course extending and Python Web application, and you can bet we're going to write plenty of Python code.
0:24 Now. I do want to point out we're not writing super advanced deep Python here We're using things like classes and functions and standard condition.
0:34 ALS. We're not doing in saying like meta programming anything. So you don't to be a master of Python,
0:39 but you should be barely comfortable with the language, right? We're not going to introduce the concepts of Python here.
0:45 We assume that you know that because this is a semi advanced Web course or a Python Web framework speaking Web frameworks speaking Web frameworks.
0:56 This is a flask course, So if you know flask, you'll see how to extend a flask Web application and build onto it. Now, if you don't know flask,
1:07 maybe, you know, Pyramid. Maybe. No, Jingo, honestly, flask is incredibly simple. So understanding how it works. There's really not a whole lot to it.
1:15 And we will talk about the features of things like routing and view methods and how to work with him. Basic knowledge of flask.
1:23 I guess basic knowledge of Python Web frameworks would not hurt. If you have none, probably will be OK, but it'll be a bit of ah,
1:31 tough go because you have to figure out some of the stuff when you get started We do talk about the details that we use,
1:36 though this again is a Web course. So things like HTML and CSS are absolutely foundational. We don't do a ton of Web design,
1:46 but we do create some HTM of forms and the admin section, and we do that using HTML and Ginger to templates, and we write a tiny bit of CSS.
1:54 Honestly, the Montecito assesses very, very small. But having some HTML experience is certainly going to help you take this
2:02 course. So that's what we expect of you. That's what we expect for you to be able to get a lot out of this
2:07 course. No ah, modern amount of Python basic flask, a little bit of HTML, or be comfortable with HTML and a little bit of
2:15 CSS, and that's it. You know these things, you'll be ready to take this course.

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