#100DaysOfWeb in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 97-100: Docker and Docker Compose
Lecture: Your-turn, day 4

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0:00 Welcome to day four, for this chapter. Day three was just to continue watching the videos so, that's great, you can do that.
0:08 For day four, now you've seen all the videos and now you know about Docker Compose it's time to explore this idea of multi-container applications.
0:18 Now, the application you built may or may not have multiple containers, and that's fine. You can still run it and orchestrate it and work with it
0:26 with Docker Compose, and you would see more or less how it's going to work, even if you do have multiple containers.
0:32 So, you're going to go and create a ./docker-compose.yml file. And organize this however you want, I like to have it
0:39 just above all the Docker files themselves but you can figure out how you'd like that to be. And this is going to orchestrate or compose the thing
0:50 you built on day two. So you already built some kind of Docker container that runs an app you selected.
0:55 We're going to build a ./docker-compose.yml file that's going to let you say Docker Compose up and Docker Compose down, it will build it, run it
1:06 link those things altogether, it's going to be great. If you need some help with the style of the ./docker-compose.yml file, just go check out the one
1:13 we built in the demo, it should be right next to this README in the GitHub repo.

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