#100DaysOfWeb in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 97-100: Docker and Docker Compose
Lecture: Productivity with Docker plugins for Pycharm

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0:00 Before we get started actually writing our Docker container build files I want to talk real quickly about configuring your tooling.
0:08 So if we look over here and we go to plug-ins if I search for Docker in the installments you can see that I have Docker integration
0:17 already built into PyCharm. This may, I think this already comes with PyCharm but you might also want to add Kubernetes
0:25 which I'm sure you have to download separately. So, make sure that you have the Docker one installed and configured, and maybe go ahead
0:33 and add the Kubernetes one as well. So, what you're going to see as we work with these files is you're going to see syntax highlighting.
0:40 Good. But all sorts of auto-complete. Very good. Super helpful in creating stuff to make sure it doesn't get the wrong keywords
0:48 or the formatting gets off, or whatever. So, if you're using this, you definitely want to make sure that the Docker plugin is installed in PyCharm.
0:55 Using something like VS Code, it also has the Docker plugins, but I don't think you get the auto-complete.

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