#100DaysOfWeb in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 97-100: Docker and Docker Compose
Lecture: Choosing a Docker base image

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0:00 The first thing that we need to do to get started is choose an image. We could choose something real low level like Ubuntu
0:07 or some other Linux distribution or we could choose something very high level like Nginx or something built but how do I even know what those are?
0:15 Well, much like GitHub has repositories for source code DockerHub has repositories for these images. So if we scroll through here and you see here
0:24 there's CouchBase, here's Oracle here's MongoDB and Redis and here's Ubuntu, for example, or Nginx. So we have a choice here, our static finder thing
0:34 is really going to serve up stuff using Nginx. We could pick this one and that would probably be the best choice but what I want to do
0:42 is really show you how to create these images so you don't have to hope that there's one out here go find one that you can work with
0:49 but you can take something foundational and work from there. So we're going to use Ubuntu, but like I said maybe, maybe Nginx, I dunno.
0:56 It's honestly not much of a difference when you get going. So, we'll go over here, and you can see that
1:01 what you work with is just going to go Docker pull or even just run it, if it's not there it'll first do a pull to download it
1:08 and then run that images, or, if you're going to do a build it's going to build stuff based off of that
1:12 and you can also see that we can get the latest version we can get other things, if we look down here for example, we have a latest, so we can go
1:22 and ask for the latest, or we can ask for 18.04 which might be what we do, I dunno looks a little scary, says this image has vulnerabilities.
1:31 While that is true, it's not that big of a deal. So, it has vulnerabilities because, I believe this was built a little while ago.
1:39 Ubuntu just released some security fixes. So, you might look at this, go, oh I can't use this, it has vulnerabilities
1:45 but in fact, our very very first thing we're going to do is to patch all the vulnerabilities and then start building on it, okay?
1:52 So we're going to use 18.04 as our base image.

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