#100DaysOfWeb in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 97-100: Docker and Docker Compose
Lecture: Installing Docker on macOS, Windows, and Linux

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0:00 Your system probably doesn't have Docker installed you can tell by going to command prompt or terminal and just typing the word docker
0:08 and see if you could get help or you know command not found but luckily if you are on Mac OS or if you are on Windows
0:15 it's super easy to install Docker. So you just visit this URL here at the bottom and you can either click download for Mac download for Windows
0:23 and you downland either a .apt file on Mac or you download a .msi or exe which internally has an embedded msi installer.
0:31 It's going to install docker for you. Now, when you run it on Mac it's going to run basically a little hidden Virtual Box version of Linux
0:38 So your operations run on Linux. When you run it on Windows you have little more flexibility. The Window's one only works on Windows 10
0:46 and is been using built-in Hyper-V virtualization for virtual machines and network and things like that.
0:53 So that actually supports running on Window and on Linux. And recently Docker somewhat recently Docker's been upgraded with the ability
1:01 to do Windows containers as well as Linux containers. Now Python and Windows in terms of deployment Docker are not that common.
1:09 it's much more common to do this on Linux. So we're going to focus on Linux but if you want to use Windows you know that's fine
1:15 it's little bit different setup but same basic idea. If you are on something like Ubuntu well, then go over to this URL here
1:22 and it takes you through the steps so you kind of use the aptitude installer package manger to install a bunch of things and register some stuffs
1:31 like you typically do on Ubuntu right? apt install this and that. Now I've already installed Docker on my system and I did that in the very fancy way
1:41 of opening up the package and dragging that docker.apt over notice that it's quite large here its 1.8 gigs which sounds huge
1:49 that's because it has that virtual machine of Linux in stuff embedded in it. So we open this up you'll see it runs.
1:56 up here it does a sort of container piling thing for a moment. It's starting up that virtual machine in the background and doing all of its magic.
2:04 So give it a second. You see that it says Docker Desktop is starting. Alright, the little container starts moving
2:15 it's up and running. We should be able to do Docker stuff like I should be able to come over here and type Docker ps
2:19 we will talk more about this later. More Docker images you don't have anything yet but this is what we're going to working with in just a mom

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