#100DaysOfWeb in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 93-96: Vue.js - JavaScript user interfaces
Lecture: Your turn: Day 4

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0:00 Well you finished watching all the videos for this chapter. Now it's time to round out the app that you built
0:06 in day two. In day two we built it out to basically be more or less what we did in the presentation with fake data.
0:14 Now it's time to start using the Axios library right here to make HTTP calls and use the real service over at movie_service.talkpython.fm.
0:23 Alright, so again, like before we're going to give you little code snippets for example here's the code snippet you need to run axios.
0:29 Axios is included already installed as an npm package but you need to include the HTTP library so just go into the node modules
0:37 find axios and grab the main javascript file and just include it before your site.js. Then you're going to need to do a couple of things
0:46 you're going to need to implement search using this api you're going to need to implement top_10 and load_genre
0:52 so those are the three interactions right? You can search through that text box you can click the top 10 button
0:57 or you can load a genre and display the movie. They all return a set or a movie search results.
1:03 You also might want to get the genres from the service right? So that these things all line up. Once you have that working you'll be all done.
1:10 So hopefully you enjoyed this look at Vue.js I think it's a cool, cool framework and if I was going to pick any front end framework
1:16 this would definitely be the one I'd go with. Alright, don't forget to share your progress on Twitter or Facebook or wherever you do that sort of thing
1:23 as part of the 100 days of code. And thank you for being a part of it.

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