#100DaysOfWeb in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 93-96: Vue.js - JavaScript user interfaces
Lecture: Look; no semicolons

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0:00 Well, that's it for our Vue.js app. We wrote a fair amount of JavaScript and HTML and I hope you learned a lot.
0:07 In most of the code that we wrote, and you see there's some few little dot dot dots that were hiding
0:11 but most of the code that we wrote is over here on the left. Notice something? There are no semicolons. JavaScript says you have to have semicolons
0:20 but then JavaScript also says but if you don't, we'll fix it for you and it turns out that you can write
0:25 entire interesting applications with no semicolons. There are certain cases where you need to be more careful
0:32 and tell JavaScript, hey you need a semicolon and you can use it then, but you'll find that almost all the time, that's not even necessary.
0:39 So, I like my code this way, because hey, I'm a Python developer, so I don't like semicolons that much. They seem unnecessary, and they are in Python
0:47 and they're also unnecessary in JavaScript. So, write however you like, but I think that's a pretty interesting observation.
0:52 Hope you enjoyed this section; go out and do something cool with Vue.

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