#100DaysOfWeb in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 93-96: Vue.js - JavaScript user interfaces
Lecture: First, with fake data

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0:00 So this is pretty fake, right? We saw that we have our service over here and we can get some movies. In fact, if we go over here let's just say
0:08 we would like the top 10 movies rated by IMDb score. There they are. And if we actually look at the raw data there they are.
0:15 So this is actually what were going to call when implement the HTTP layer. But for now, let's just take some of this data copy all of it
0:22 and we're going to drop this into our site. So we can work with it without worrying about HTTP yet. There's a whole nother layer of complexity
0:30 calling these services, and so on. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to come over here and I'm going to create a fake data thing.
0:36 We're going to go back and delete this potentially. And we're going to define movies temp or fake or somethin' like that. Just paste.
0:45 Now I could go and grab just this array but what I want to do is get exactly what comes back from the service and then work with that.
0:52 So I think that'll be a little bit better. So we're going to take this. And we're going to say when movies start up we're going to put movies temp.
0:59 Now in order for this to work, of course our site is going to have to include in the right order our fake data there.
1:07 Let's just try this again and see what happens. Something bad happened. It's because what we tried to do
1:13 is over here we called upper case on an object. If we take this away we'll get something that is not that interesting, right.
1:20 There's like the guts of each movie sort of. So what we want to do actually is come over here. And we're going to say the movies are actually the hits.
1:29 Let's try this again. There we go a little bit better. We the chase on of each movie. And then, you know, what we would like to do
1:36 is come down here and say we're going to get the title. And then we want to toLocaleUpperCase that. Boom, look at that. So quick and easy.
1:44 Towering Inferno, Shawshank Redemption Godfather, and so on. So now we've got this fake data in here and it's comin' out lookin' pretty good, right.
1:52 Obviously it's very live and it's not super interesting. But, not bad.

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