#100DaysOfWeb in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 89-92: Deploying Python web apps to Linux
Lecture: Deploying Django web apps

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0:00 If you're not using Pyramid and you're not using Flask you're probably using Django. So, Django also runs under exactly the same configuration
0:08 Nginx, uWSGI running your Django. In fact, Django is much closer to Pyramid than Flask is to Pyramid in how you control it and set it up.
0:17 So, here is the documentation page for working with Django in this deployment model. And, the command you give it is just uWSGI --ini uWSGI.ini.
0:28 And this uWSGI.ini is a special file very much like our production.ini that controls how our Django app runs.
0:35 So, when we talked about the production ini you basically create something very similar to that not identical, but similar, for Django
0:42 and you point at it here like this. And then you check out this page for the settings that go in there, but like I said
0:47 it will look really familiar to you because they're a lot like what we put into our production.ini. So there you have it.
0:53 If you're using Pyramid, using Flask, using Django or one of the other frameworks you can set it up and deploy it on Linux
0:58 on all these different hosts and have complete control over the system.

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