#100DaysOfWeb in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 89-92: Deploying Python web apps to Linux
Lecture: Deploying Flask web apps

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0:00 Now I'm aware, not every web app is written in Pyramid. The two other major frameworks that we talked about in this course are Flask and Django.
0:09 Of course, there's others as well but you should be able to generalize from these three. So we can of course deploy Flask under uWSGI
0:16 in a very very similar way. All the stuff that we did creating a virtual environment setting up Linux, setting up uWSGI setting up Nginx, all the same.
0:25 The only thing we have to change is the command that we put into this unit file the billtracker.service file and that's shown at the bottom here
0:34 say -s and this time as using a socket. Give it the script name and then we just mount the application.
0:41 So you check out this documentation on the Flask page on how to actually get that to run with your Flask app
0:47 but like I said it's really really similar. The only change that you need is how'd you actually run your unit that is your uWSGI app
0:56 and it's that execution in the run execution command that you got to set which is basically below.

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