#100DaysOfWeb in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 89-92: Deploying Python web apps to Linux
Lecture: Connecting and updating the Linux server

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0:00 We have our server created running on Digitalocean. We have one of the $10 servers we created. Now we need to connect to it.
0:07 So, we're going to use the SSH command and I already copied the IP address so there it goes. I've also added the SSH key to my Mac using SSH add key.
0:18 So, it won't ask me for how to connect but you'll have to add your SSH key potentially or it'll ask you for it.
0:25 The first time you connect it'll say 'we've never seen this host before, are you sure you want to connect?' and of course we do. We just created it.
0:32 It won't ask again. And here we are. We are connected to our brand new Ubuntu 18.04.1 and right off the bat it has 11 security updates.
0:41 So, when you create these things the very first thing you want to do is immediately log in and install the updates.
0:48 So we'll say apt update to make sure it has the latest view of its software. An apt upgrade to get things going. Spelling is hard. Here we go.
0:58 Now give it a moment to do its magic. Every now and then there's some file that needs to be upgraded but there's some kind of local change versus
1:07 the update. Just take the default. If you don't know what you're doin or you're new to this just take the default. It almost always works.
1:14 Okay, everything should be updated. Do we need to restart the server or do we not? Sometimes you have to. Sometimes you don't.
1:21 An easy way to find out at least on Digitalocean is just to log out and log back in and it'll say 'system restart required' if that's true.
1:28 Give it a quick little reboot. It should take about ten seconds and it'll be back ready to go. Let's try to connect one more time.
1:35 Boom. It's already back. So now we have no security problems going on. And everything is ready to roll. Congratulations, you have a brand new updated
1:45 latest version of Ubuntu running on some pretty awesome infrastructure.

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