#100DaysOfWeb in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 89-92: Deploying Python web apps to Linux
Lecture: Deployment: What app to install?

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0:00 We're ready to start our deployment. But, what are we going to deploy? We don't have any code yet and we're certainly not going to start over.
0:07 We're going to take this app we've been building and building and building over the last couple of chapters.
0:12 And that's going to be the Bill Tracker Pro app. So we're going to just take the one from the unit testing chapter and we're going to put it over here.
0:20 Now, notice this one has a virtual environment and it has been registered. There's a couple of other things that we also want to work on.
0:27 So let me just clean this up and then create a new virtual environment. Why do we care about writing it locally?
0:31 Well, we want to make sure it works locally obviously, before we try to make it run on a brand new machine that takes even more setup.
0:38 So let's go over here. And notice that there's a couple of things we could remove. So first of our all, we could remove the idea.
0:44 I'm going to start from scratch. We've already deleted the virtual environment. We've also deleted the registration.
0:49 So, let's go and create a new virtual environment. One for this folder. It's activated. Now we just have to run the setup
0:55 and development mode and then install the requirements and we should have it running locally. The setup ran okay.
1:02 Let's go ahead and also install the other requirements. Just to be sure. We don't need the... I guess we can run the dev once here
1:08 but I'm sure that we won't run the dev once. Now we should be able to run our app right here. Give it a shot. And, tTada!
1:16 It looks like everything is running okay. All right, super. So our app is up and running. We'll just go ahead and throw that into PyCharm
1:22 and we'll get started. All right, looks like everything is here. Let's just check our virtual environment is all good.
1:29 It is and it's already detected this so it should be running. Perfect. Looks like we're ready to start working on the deployment for this web app.

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