#100DaysOfWeb in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 85-88: Serverless Python with AWS Lambda
Lecture: Day 3 + 4: Your turn - create your own Lambda

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0:00 Congratulations, you've made it to the end of the video content of the AWS Lambda lesson. And we learned a lot, we made a Bottle web app
0:12 lambda functions, integrated it with AWS Gateway API and we got a fully working useful application that takes code, runs the pycodestyle package
0:23 on that code and returns a response. And it's about time that you start practicing yourself because it's the amount of practice you do
0:34 during this course that will make all the difference how much you get out of it. I wrote up some instructions here
0:41 and I have to say that to create an account on AWS you need to enter your credit card. You have to decide for yourself if you want to make an account.
0:49 I do recommend that you do, it's very useful technology we use it on our platform making many calls verifying a lot of code
0:58 and they have a very generous free tier. So you can make one million free requests per month. Either you make an account or not
1:05 you can always write lambda functions because as you saw me doing in the previous videos I could just test them locally running my script.
1:13 So that's fine too. We have a PyBites code challenge dedicated to AWS Lambda so I suggest you head over there read through the instructions.
1:23 Special thanks to Michael Herman who actually moved on from Real Python to Test-Driven IO. And if you want to submit your work to our community branch
1:33 I suggest you follow this Git setup guide where we provide all the instructions to fork our repo, clone it, and make your own branch.
1:42 And then pull request it against our community branch which is the branch where we merge all the community contributions.
1:49 And it's a pretty cool repo, because we've got 60 challenges right now and a lot of code has been written by the community
1:57 so there's a lot of good stuff you can find there. So that's the plan for the coming two days and if you lack ideas, actually in the code challenge
2:04 there are a couple of scenarios that may give you some inspiration of the stuff you can do. For the rest, you're totally free
2:10 to write the lambda function that will suit your needs. Whatever you build, you should be really proud and share it on Twitter, Facebook
2:18 or the social media of your choice. Especially on Twitter you can use the hashtag #100daysofweb. When you include @talkPython and @pybites
2:28 we get a notification because we love to see what our students are building. So, consider doing that. Other than that, I wish you good luck
2:37 and a lot of inspiration. Practice as much as you can and write your own awesome lambda functions, and have fun.

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