#100DaysOfWeb in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 85-88: Serverless Python with AWS Lambda
Lecture: Lesson intro

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0:00 Hello, and welcome back to the 100 Days of Web in Python. It's day 85, you're almost there. In the coming four days, I'm very excited
0:10 to teach you about AWS Lambda. That's an awesome serverless technology that allows you to run Python in a sandbox
0:19 and work with APIs to get some payload over to AWS, do some calculations or run Python against it, and get a result back.
0:30 And I prepared two interesting lambdas for this lesson, a simple calculator, and then a bit more advanced PEP 8 checker.
0:38 And we're going to implement that using the Bottle framework at the front-end and some CSS to make it look nice quickly. AWS is all about running code
0:49 without thinking about servers. This is the homepage. I am going to work with an existing account. You won't be required to make an account
0:59 because it requires you to enter credit card, but this technology is so cool and useful. I do recommend you to do it, because it has a great free tier.
1:09 You can make one million free AWS Lambda requests a month. So you can really put something cool out there
1:17 and have it be used quite intensively without paying. For a definition, what is AWS Lambda, AWS Lambda is an on-demand compute service
1:28 that allows you to run code in response to events or HTTP requests. In other words, you can run scripts and apps
1:36 without having to provision or manage servers in an infinitely scalable environment where you pay only for usage.
1:44 So that's awesome right, you don't have to worry about servers, or any of the infrastructure, and you pay just as you consume.
1:52 And that's code from code challenge 36 which at the end of this four days you'll look further into so you can start building your own lambda.
2:00 Because with this course it's all about you getting practical, because unless you practice, nothing really sticks. With that said, in the next video
2:08 I will quickly demo how we use AWS Lambda in our code challenge solutions. So you have an idea of a real-world use case.
2:18 And after that we jump straight into Bottle to make our web app that's going to talk to the lambda we're going to set up after that.
2:26 So a lot to learn, let's dive straight in.

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