#100DaysOfWeb in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 81-84: Unit testing web apps
Lecture: Why test web apps?

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0:00 Hello and welcome to the next chapter in your 100 Days of Web in Python. We're going to focus on unit testing and testing web applications.
0:11 Let's jump right into it by answering the question why test? Well obviously we want to make sure that no bugs get into our code.
0:18 You'll also see that code that is well tested is often factored better, it's structured better so it strengthens your application
0:27 and makes it easier to evolve over time. Obviously not having bugs in our code this is really important to us
0:33 and ideally what would like to set up is the ability set up some kind of continuous integration and it just says your, you know, checks out our app.
0:42 It builds it, verifies everything works and then sends it off to maybe a container or off to some cloud service or something like that.
0:51 Well, with Python, we don't even get verification of syntax, and there's all sorts of moving things in the web, moving parts you got to deal with.
1:00 We've got the database, we've got SQLAlchemy we've got the routing definitions, we've got the views we've got the web framework, all these things
1:07 being tied together. So we want to make sure our app will at least run and work mostly okay when we send it out.
1:13 Alright, the quality of our test will depend on what mostly means, the better the test the more the tests we have, the more likely our app is
1:20 going to work over time as we ship it. So, testing on the web, very, very important and that's going to be exactly the topic that we focus on
1:27 in this chapter.

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