#100DaysOfWeb in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 77-80: Twitter and Slack bots
Lecture: Day 2 - Your turn / Twitter API practice

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0:01 And now it's your turn. Day two of the Twitter and Slack bot module. I hope previous days videos have given you a lot of pointers and inspiration.
0:13 In the README, I pointed you to some other resources mainly based around Twitter. Again, you're not required to use Twitter
0:21 you can use any API, the point is to automate some test, make a bot of any kind. I mean, this lesson was all about auto-posting
0:31 but you could even make a bot that interacts with the user, that would be really cool. You can go to code challenge 43
0:39 which is linked at the bottom of this screenshot which is the code challenge we hosted around chatbots. You can follow along on the platform
0:47 with instructions to get your Git setup so you can pull request your work. And I'll especially mention this adbot
0:54 how I built a chatbot with Telegram and Python which was an awesome submission about a chatbot that helped people in need
1:03 when the earthquakes hit in Mexico. So there's some really cool stuff you can build. And again, I hope yesterday's videos
1:11 gave you all the basics to get started. So today, do your workout, and tomorrow we're back with Slack API with a new set of videos
1:21 to show you how to built that. Good luck and whatever you guys build by the way, feel free to share it out 100 days of web hashtag
1:30 and Cc us at @TalkPython and @pybites. All right, have fun!

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