#100DaysOfWeb in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 69-72: Django REST Framework
Lecture: Day 3 + 4: Your turn - build your own API

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0:00 Awesome. You made it to the end of the video content of this chapter. And we learned a lot, right? I mean, we met our API, we supported full CRUD
0:12 we looked at permissions, both authentication and authorization and we even looked at the Django REST Framework package to support documentation.
0:21 So, it was a lot to take in and I really hoped that you followed along with the demo code to get the most out of it. Now, for the remaining two days
0:30 I encourage you to practice as much as you can yourself build your own API. As we are at day sixty nine you probably already made your own web app
0:42 during this course. So, now would be a good time to turn it into an API. If you don't have data, I recommend looking into Macaroon. It's this site that
0:51 makes it very easy to generate remnant data. And if you still like inspiration or you want to submit your work to PyBites
1:02 I recommend you log in to our code challenge platform at codechallenge.es and head over to PyBites challenges.
1:12 Look for Django, we have a couple of Django co-challenges and the one I'm looking at here is thirty-four. Fill this API with Djano REST Framework.
1:29 And here we give some additional ideas of APIs you can build and we also provide get instructions to pull down a repo
1:38 make your own branch, and pull request work against our community branch. And the community branch we used to merge all the
1:48 community contributions and it's quite a repo lot of code that has been written by our community for our code challenges. So that's pretty exciting.
1:58 And if you submit your work through our platform we will make an effort to look at that code and possible give you suggestions.
2:07 Yeah, that's totally optional as an add-on. It's just some extra ideas if you like inspiration. And the whole point again is to get as much practice
2:17 as you can to really drive the points home that you learned throughout this lesson. And finally, you should be really proud
2:26 when you make your apps, and book progress throughout this course so when you do, please share out your progress
2:33 to your Facebook or your favorite social media using hashtag hundred days of web and consider including us so we get a notification
2:43 and we can look at your work and share it with our following as well. With that said, good luck, have a lot of fun and really practice a lot because
2:51 APIs are an important skill. They're all over the place, so really make use of this time to master Django Rest Framework.

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