#100DaysOfWeb in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 57-60: Flask Login
Lecture: Setup: Install SQLite DB Browser

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0:00 Really quick one before we continue on to create the database I'd like you to install this DB browser for SQLite.
0:10 This is something you may already have installed or you may have your own version of a browser to check out your database once it's created.
0:17 If you haven't, this is a nice easy lightweight free one that you can install and once you've downloaded it from sqlitebrowser.org
0:26 you've got Windows, you've got Mac you've got other options there. Once it's installed, you should see something like this
0:33 or more likely for us, a nice empty one here. This is it installed on my Windows 10 machine and once we actually create our database
0:42 we're going to open it up in this app and you'll be able to see the columns that we've created in our table. Alright, so go ahead, install it
0:51 and let's create the database.

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