#100DaysOfWeb in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 53-56: Django part 2 - registration and login
Lecture: Lesson introduction

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0:00 Hello, and welcome back to the 100 Days of Web in Python.
0:03 Day 53, Django, Part Two, Registration and Login.
0:09 This will be an important module
0:11 and a very useful skill to add to your Django toolbox
0:14 and that is to have a registration and a login
0:18 to your application.
0:19 In this lesson, we're going to further extend
0:21 the Quotes app to add login and registration to it
0:25 and we are going to link the user model
0:28 to the Quotes model, so that quotes have an owner.
0:32 And we're going to make sure that a user
0:35 can only edit her or her own quotes.
0:38 That's quite a bit
0:39 but luckily we have the Django registration plugin
0:42 that takes a lot of this complexity away for us.
0:46 In this lesson
0:47 we're going to look at the brand new 3.0 version
0:50 that just came out last month
0:52 and walk through it, use it, implement it
0:54 go through some of the struggles I had
0:57 so you will even probably save some time
0:59 by following my steps.
1:01 And you will also see me using Sendgrid
1:03 an email delivery service
1:05 to handle the emailing from Django.
1:08 So, I'm exciting to teach this
1:09 because this will really get your Django app
1:12 to the next level.