#100DaysOfWeb in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Day 51: Twilio
Lecture: Twilio UI: Verified numbers and usage stats

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0:00 Now just to show you a quick view
0:03 of the user interface of twilio.com.
0:06 On the console, you can check who
0:08 you've been sending text messages to.
0:10 This is actually relevant because, as you start to use this
0:13 for any sort of business use or anything
0:16 you kind of want to see what you're sending text messages
0:19 for in case something is using up all your money
0:22 or all of your balance, anything right?
0:26 The other thing I want to show you is the verified numbers
0:28 so if you follow this link
0:32 you can see here your verified numbers.
0:35 And this should be that number that you tested
0:37 or that you entered at the very start.
0:41 Now this number is probably your mobile.
0:43 But if you wanted to add someone else's number
0:46 you would click on this little plus here
0:49 and you would add their number and the name.
0:51 And that would be your way of being able to test
0:55 sending numbers to friends or colleagues such as Bob
0:59 who will probably not accept
1:01 any verification message from me now after this.
1:04 But, I digress. This is where you add numbers
1:08 and this is how to contract all of that.
1:11 And when we go to usage, down the bottom there on the left
1:16 we can see how our mobile number's being used.
1:19 If we click on view all product usage, here
1:24 it would take us to a page where we can see
1:28 the summary, expand it out, CFO numbers
1:32 see what's costing the money.
1:34 Head down to programmable messaging logs.
1:38 Go to SMS logs and there are the text messages
1:43 that we've sent.
1:44 I've obviously sent a couple, but there's all of them there
1:47 along with the two number.
1:49 So it's nice and easy, they let you track everything.
1:52 There's not too much to check our here to be honest
1:55 once you start working with the API and the command line
1:58 you shouldn't really need
1:59 to come back to this website at all
2:01 other than just to check your usage
2:03 or how much money you have left on your account.
2:06 That's sort of admin work but not for the programming stuff.
2:09 It's pretty easy to use the command line
2:11 so just stick with that.