#100DaysOfWeb in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Day 51: Twilio
Lecture: Twilio UI: Verified numbers and usage stats

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0:00 Now just to show you a quick view of the user interface of twilio.com. On the console, you can check who you've been sending text messages to.
0:11 This is actually relevant because, as you start to use this for any sort of business use or anything
0:17 you kind of want to see what you're sending text messages for in case something is using up all your money or all of your balance, anything right?
0:27 The other thing I want to show you is the verified numbers so if you follow this link you can see here your verified numbers.
0:36 And this should be that number that you tested or that you entered at the very start. Now this number is probably your mobile.
0:44 But if you wanted to add someone else's number you would click on this little plus here and you would add their number and the name.
0:52 And that would be your way of being able to test sending numbers to friends or colleagues such as Bob who will probably not accept
1:02 any verification message from me now after this. But, I digress. This is where you add numbers and this is how to contract all of that.
1:12 And when we go to usage, down the bottom there on the left we can see how our mobile number's being used. If we click on view all product usage, here
1:25 it would take us to a page where we can see the summary, expand it out, CFO numbers see what's costing the money.
1:35 Head down to programmable messaging logs. Go to SMS logs and there are the text messages that we've sent.
1:45 I've obviously sent a couple, but there's all of them there along with the two number. So it's nice and easy, they let you track everything.
1:53 There's not too much to check our here to be honest once you start working with the API and the command line you shouldn't really need
2:00 to come back to this website at all other than just to check your usage or how much money you have left on your account.
2:07 That's sort of admin work but not for the programming stuff. It's pretty easy to use the command line so just stick with that.

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