#100DaysOfWeb in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Day 51: Twilio
Lecture: Obtaining your Twilio API key

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0:00 A very quick video on your authentication tokens.
0:03 The first thing we have here
0:05 is the account SID this is needed
0:08 for your code so make sure you copy
0:10 that and save it somewhere.
0:12 Just maybe if you have a password manager
0:14 or anything like that.
0:16 Authentication token now I'm not going to show you
0:18 that because that is like my secret key.
0:21 Go ahead and copy yours and again save
0:23 that somewhere special and that's pretty much it.
0:28 We won't bother going through this SMS Python Quick Start
0:31 or this Web GUI Quick Start or this Web GUI thing
0:33 no let's actually do this on the command line.
0:35 So pop into a directory.
0:38 I have a Twilio directory created just
0:40 for this let's do our virtual environment, get that created.
0:47 And all we need to do is pip install twilio.
0:50 So they've got a nice Python module
0:52 for us to install.
0:54 It really is amazing how simple this
0:55 is to send a text message.
0:58 So and with that installed we're good to go.
1:01 So move on to the next video.
1:03 Let's quickly create our script and run it.