#100DaysOfWeb in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Day 51: Twilio
Lecture: Your single day overview

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0:00 Very quick overview of what we are going to do using the readme. As you can see, there's not much here because this is just the one day.
0:09 In this single day chapter, you're going to create and configure your very own Twilio account. So follow along as we do that.
0:16 Make sure you get that set up correctly. Keep in mind that if you do experience a screen that does talk about your address
0:24 it does need a proper address and that would be because your country has anti-spam laws as we do here in Australia.
0:32 You shouldn't if you follow along the way we have but now, aside from that, pop through the videos learn how to send an SMS or text message
0:41 to your mobile phone using the Twilio API. It's really easy. I would encourage you to have a quick read of the restrictions of the trial account
0:53 that we will be using for this. If you look at those restrictions you'll see what you can and what you can't do with your free account.
1:01 Now, one last thing, because this is a very quick and easy set of videos if you have time at the end, just go ahead
1:10 and think about how you can make this better. What could you send out from Twilio? I'll give you an example.
1:17 I created a screen scraper, something that went through the stored up Steam-powered website and got me the titles
1:24 of all the newest games that came down every day. And what I had my app doing was sending me a text message. It got very expensive so I turned it off.
1:33 But sending me a text message every day of what the latest games were. So that's just one little example. Come up with your own if you have the time.
1:42 Otherwise, think of this as a nice easy day right around the halfway mark of your 100 days of code. Move on and watch the videos.

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