#100DaysOfWeb in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Day 51: Twilio
Lecture: Introduction: Twilio

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0:00 Time for a quick one day chapter. This is a crash course into Twilio. What we're going to do over the next, well, this day is
0:11 actually have you look into the Twilio API. Not in any real depth or too far, I should say but rather just to get you set up on the platform
0:22 and also get you sending text messages, so SMS messages from Twilio to a mobile phone number of your choice. This is the bread and butter of Twilio
0:34 what we've all used it for what companies tend to use it for. So I'll get you started on that. This is just to wet your whistle
0:41 and then you are free, obviously after the 100 Days of Web, to come back to Twilio dig into it, and see what else it has to offer you.
0:50 But for now, let's just move on and quickly dive into Twilio.

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