#100DaysOfWeb in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Day 49: Selenium
Lecture: Lesson introduction

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0:00 Hello and welcome back to The 100 Days of Web in Python.
0:04 The coming four days
0:05 there'll be four miscellaneous items
0:07 starting with Selenium.
0:09 It's just one day per topic
0:11 and it will mostly be video watching.
0:14 So, today will be Selenium.
0:17 We're going to write some tests for a web app.
0:22 Here we have our PyBites, my reading list
0:24 and we're going to test this app with Selenium.
0:31 And we're going to make sure
0:32 that future development
0:34 will be sunny and safe.
0:39 Selenium Python.
0:41 It's really a binding providing a simple API
0:43 to write functional tests
0:45 using the Selenium Web Driver.
0:49 And another definition I really like is
0:50 Selenium is a framework
0:52 for the automated testing of web applications.
0:54 Using Selenium, you can basically automate
0:57 every task in your browser
0:58 as if a real person were to execute the task
1:02 and we'll see that later, when we run our test.
1:04 It's like an invisible person
1:06 logging into your site, clicking around, doing stuff.
1:09 It's really cool.
1:10 So, just sit back and relax, and watch the videos
1:14 over the coming days, and you will learn a new skill.