#100DaysOfWeb in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 45-48: Build a simple Django app
Lecture: Day 4: practice yourself

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0:00 Congratulations, you made it to the end of the second part
0:04 of the Django videos.
0:05 We covered a lot of stuff
0:07 so it's more than time to start practicing yourself.
0:12 Because remember, the learning is in the practice.
0:15 So, for this fourth day
0:17 I encourage you to, if you already started an app
0:20 in the second day, to continue that work
0:23 or if you were not really ready there
0:25 or you just limit it to the configuration
0:28 now's the time to start a new app
0:30 and try to implement as much of the stuff you learned
0:33 over the videos.
0:36 Again, you can use Challenge 29 and 33 on our platform
0:40 to follow along and pull the Challenges Repo.
0:45 Your instructions how you can create your own branch
0:48 and pull requests to our repo
0:51 that's an opportunity to submit your work
0:54 as we did here, for example.
0:56 But that's not required.
0:57 It's just a nice way that you can
0:59 share your work with @pybites
1:00 but what we do encourage
1:03 is to always tweet out your progress
1:04 with the grid feature we have on the platform
1:07 use the #100DaysOfWeb hashtag
1:10 include us in your work.
1:12 We are like super-stoked to see what you guys build
1:15 based on the stuff you're learning throughout this course
1:18 and other than that, have a nice play today.
1:21 Spend your hour practicing as much Django as you can
1:24 have fun, as well, and good luck.
1:27 See you in the next module.