#100DaysOfWeb in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 45-48: Build a simple Django app
Lecture: Day 2: practice yourself

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0:00 Congratulations, you made it through half of the videos of Django. And instead of moving on and introducing more concepts
0:11 I mean, there's still some work to do to get that Quotes app working I think we should pause now and start touching some Django yourself.
0:20 So, after going through the videos yesterday I suggest that you get Django installed do these common configuration settings I showed you.
0:30 Try to follow along with the example app you are building or if you have something cool you want to build for the web start your own app.
0:39 We have two code challenges linked in the ReadMe. You can start those on the platform and the idea is just to get setup
0:47 make your model, send it to the database and play around with Django, play around with the ORM start adding, editing, deleting objects.
0:56 See how that works. Get a good foundation. And starting tomorrow, we continue the lessons by making the full CRUD application
1:05 interacting with the database building out the views, using templates and more. Good luck, have fun.
1:11 And feel free to share your progress using #100daysofwep and copy us @TalkPython and @pybites.

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