#100DaysOfWeb in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 45-48: Build a simple Django app
Lecture: Demo quote CRUD app we will build

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0:00 Let's quickly look at the application
0:02 we're going to build.
0:04 Here I went to the demo folder.
0:06 I made a virtual environment.
0:08 I did the migration to the database
0:11 and don't worry, in the coming videos
0:13 we're going through all of this, step by step.
0:16 And then I did a run server.
0:20 I can now access my app
0:22 on this localhost IP.
0:25 And again, we go through this, step by step, later.
0:28 I just want to show you the app.
0:32 So, a nice design.
0:34 All credits to mui.css.
0:37 And we can add quotes so
0:41 that gets measured, gets managed
0:45 which I think is from Drucker.
0:49 I can give it a source where I found it.
0:52 I can give it a cover.
0:53 Let's actually look for one.
1:02 Alright.
1:03 So the cover can be a JPEG link.
1:08 New, and the quote got edit.
1:12 I can go into the quote
1:14 and here you see my background, which is pretty cool.
1:17 I can go back. I can edit it.
1:23 Let's say Peter Drucker
1:26 and can commit it to the database.
1:28 I can add some bogus.
1:31 I don't like bogus. I can delete it.
1:34 It asks for a confirmation. Done.
1:37 So here you see, full krat operations.
1:40 Create, read, update and delete.
1:43 So, pretty basic krat app
1:45 but will service to show all the components
1:48 involved to get a Django app working.
1:50 Alright, let's start coding.