#100DaysOfWeb in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 45-48: Build a simple Django app
Lecture: The structure of this 4 day module

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0:00 In the course repo you have a folder called 45 to 48 Django Intro. And here in a Read Me, we can see the plan for the coming four days.
0:12 Today you're going to watch the first half of the Django videos and you get all the basics to get up and running with Django.
0:20 Then day two, you take a short break and really have to practice as soon as possible. You can follow along with my examples
0:29 or start building your own app. And here are two co-challenges on our code platform that you can start during tomorrow. Then in day three, more videos
0:39 building out app. You will see forms, the admin backend function and class based views templating, static files, and we even
0:49 make the app look nice using CSS. There's a lot to cover, but it will give you a nice foundation to build more Django apps of your own.
0:58 Then the last day, it's very free form. I mean, you can copy along what I did in the previous days videos.
1:06 You can continue the app you started building during day two. The important thing is to practice as much Django as you can during these four days.
1:15 The learning is in the practice. And as usual, anything you build please share it out with the 100 #100DaysOfCode and including Python.
1:26 Now, let's dive into Django.

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