#100DaysOfWeb in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 41-44: React: JavaScript user interfaces
Lecture: Intro: what is React, why use it?

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0:00 Hello and welcome back to the 100 Days of Weapon Python.
0:04 In the next coming four days, we're going to look at React
0:07 one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks.
0:10 What is React?
0:12 React basically is a JavaScript library
0:14 for building user interfaces.
0:17 It's declarative, component-based
0:20 and the "learn once, write anywhere" philosophy
0:23 makes it easy to integrate it into your projects.
0:27 Why would you want to learn it?
0:29 Well, working with the DOM is inherently hard.
0:32 And React not only makes it easier
0:34 using a virtual DOM, but also more performant.
0:37 The declarative style makes it relatively easy
0:40 to define user interfaces.
0:43 And maybe best of all, React is just JavaScript.
0:46 It's not a full-blown framework.
0:48 It's a pretty small API, you only have to learn
0:52 a few functions, and you're good to go.
0:56 It's also pretty popular.
0:58 We reviewed the results of State of JavaScript 2018
1:02 and React was one of the most popular frameworks
1:04 in terms of people that had used it
1:07 and would recommend using it again.
1:10 React also endorses software best practices.
1:13 It is explicit and modular, which makes it
1:16 easy to reuse across projects.
1:23 This lesson will be very practical.
1:25 I have two exciting projects lined up.
1:27 First we're going to make a front end
1:29 for a Tips API, which you see here
1:32 including filtering and highlighting using a plugin.
1:37 And secondly, a simple hangman game
1:40 where we load in a random movie title
1:43 and you have to guess it pressing the buttons.
1:45 Instead of hangman, we use pictures
1:47 of a monkey that's getting imprisoned
1:50 and by guessing the movie we prevent that.
1:54 Next lesson, let's first review some ES6
1:58 newer JavaScript syntax because
2:00 you will see that a lot in React code.
2:02 After brushing up modern JavaScript
2:05 we dive straight into React, building our two projects.