#100DaysOfWeb in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 37-40: Introduction to Pyramid framework
Lecture: Your-turn: Day 4

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0:00 Then over on day four it's time to actually implement those view methods. So your going to write the queries against the database
0:07 you're going to get the data back and then you're going to pass it as a model that is as a dictionary to the template and write simple HTML to show
0:16 what you want to show on the screen. Remember this, if you make it too complex this is going to take forever so just keep it super, super simple.
0:23 Also I threw in a little hint here if you want it to look a little bit nicer and you want to do that easily grab an image from Unsplash
0:30 or some iconography type things from the Noun Project both really cool places that you can get images to use and spruce up your site.
0:39 Alright, that's it. I hope you really enjoyed this introduction to Pyramid it's a super fun web framework you can build great websites with it.

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