#100DaysOfWeb in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 37-40: Introduction to Pyramid framework
Lecture: A spectrum of frameworks

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0:00 When I think of Python web frameworks I think of them on the spectrum. On one end, we have what are often referred to as micro frameworks.
0:08 The poster boy for micro frameworks is probably Flask. But there are actually ones that are even more simple and, you know, less comes in the box.
0:16 Something, you know, something like Bottle. And then we have for lack of a better term building block frameworks.
0:22 You take these big pieces of your application and you click them together. You want an admin section? You choose the admin thing and you drop it in
0:29 and now you have an admin section. You want, you know, some other forum? Okay, drop in the forum section and now you've got it.
0:35 Right, so there are very different philosophies around building frameworks. The micro frameworks are better suited for people
0:41 who carefully want to pick various libraries and packages that they're using. You want to decide between SQLAlchemy and MongoDB
0:49 or MongoEngine or ODM for talking to MongoDB. Or something else, right? You want to really carefully choose that? Well something like a micro framework
0:57 will let you pick that, 'cause it has none provided and has no guidance on one way or the other. On the other hand, building block frameworks
1:04 like say Django, come with their own ORM. It's kind of fighting against the system if you're not going to use the stuff that it comes with.
1:11 So where you like to land on this spectrum is really how much do you want to pick each individual thing separately and bring it to your project
1:19 or do you want to just take what's provided from the building block frameworks? Here's my assessment where these frameworks live.
1:26 There's not really a science here, it's just a gut feel but you know, I don't know what the science around it would be so here we go.
1:32 Out on this building block end I definitely have Django in mind. Probably not the only one out there like this
1:38 but it certainly is the most popular one of this category. So like I said, you could just flip a switch
1:44 and now you have an admin data table editing section. That just comes with Django. The micro frameworks don't have those kind of things.
1:52 In the micro framework land, we have Bottle. We have Flask. Those are very very simple. And Pyramid, it lives a little bit
1:58 in this Goldilocks range, I guess. It's not quite as simple or unopinionated as Flask or Bottle. But it's definitely closer
2:07 to say Flask than it is to Django. Most of the stuff, you bring. Most of the libraries and capabilities
2:13 you bring to the framework and you start using it. Here's where Pyramid generally fits in the spectrum of frameworks, according to Michael
2:21 and hopefully that will give you a little bit of a feeling on which side of the spectrum that you live on which will help you understand
2:27 maybe which framework you like best.

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