#100DaysOfWeb in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 37-40: Introduction to Pyramid framework
Lecture: Pyramid chapter intro

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0:00 Welcome to your next four days.
0:01 I hope you're super excited to learn about
0:03 the Pyramid Web Framework.
0:06 Pyramid is one of the top three
0:09 big web frameworks in Python.
0:10 We have Django, we have Flask and we have Pyramid.
0:13 Now, they have a cool little slogan here
0:15 The Start Small, Finish Big and Stay Finished Framework
0:18 By Artisans, for Artisans.
0:20 I really like the philosophy of Pyramid
0:22 and the way they maintain the framework.
0:24 One of their core ideas is that you can get started
0:26 really easy, but there's actually a lot of features
0:29 to grab onto and start using as your project grows.
0:34 It's worth mentioning, at the time of this recording
0:37 the website you're taking this course through
0:39 Talk Python Training, or training.talkpython.fm
0:42 that site is built in Pyramid.
0:44 talkpython.fm itself, another site, is built in Pyramid
0:47 the other podcasts I run, pythonbytes.fm
0:50 built in Pyramid, and they have been for about
0:52 four years at the moment.
0:54 And they have been bulletproof
0:56 super, super high performance
0:58 better performance than Flask
0:59 better performance than Django
1:01 and really, really reliable.
1:04 On this site we get easily, ten millisecond
1:07 response times from data driven pages
1:10 that are pretty data intensive, actually.
1:12 So, really great, highly scalable framework
1:15 that's worked great for us.
1:16 There were times during some promotions
1:17 we had thousands of users on the site
1:20 and we were serving them up on a $10 server
1:24 and that $10 server was running at maybe 10% CPU.
1:27 I mean, this framework is really, really awesome
1:29 it really will go far for you
1:31 and I hope you're excited to learn it
1:32 I'm excited to share it with you.