#100DaysOfWeb in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 33-36: Database access with SQLAlchemy
Lecture: Our demo app: A scooter sharing startup

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0:00 Let's talk about the demo app
0:01 that we're going to build to explore SQLAlchemy.
0:04 And we'll even use this a little bit for your turn
0:07 when you get to write some code.
0:08 So, you're probably familiar with
0:10 these scooter rental things that are popping up everywhere.
0:13 Maybe you're seeing Lime scooters, or the Bird scooters.
0:16 These are both really popular here in my town
0:18 I could open an app and I can rent them
0:21 and scoot around town.
0:23 Probably no helmet in traffic, things like that.
0:25 Probably not great, but there it is.
0:27 I could rent these things
0:29 and they're really, really popular
0:31 and getting a lot of VC funding.
0:34 We're going to create another scooter share start up.
0:38 Now, when you create a start up
0:39 obviously you have to have a reason to exist.
0:42 Like you have to have your main differentiating factor.
0:45 We have that. So we're the latest scooter start up
0:49 we're going to call it Hover Share.
0:50 And we've identified a key weakness
0:52 in the existing scooter rental and sharing market.
0:56 There's no seat.
0:57 You can't go very far on those things without a seat
0:59 that's not comfortable.
1:00 So we're going to get some of these Hover 1
1:03 scooter, electric bike things
1:05 and we're going to outfit them with IoT devices and GPS.
1:08 We're going to make them the backbone of
1:10 our new scooter sharing start up.
1:13 Good news is we've already closed
1:15 our angel round of investing and secured $1.7 million
1:19 to buy this fleet of Hover 1 e-bike scooter things.
1:22 We even have all the IoT specs solved.
1:25 We've got GPS thing working, we've got the locking
1:28 we've got the communication to unlock the scooter.
1:31 Everything's working, but we don't have a database
1:34 to really manage the user interaction with these scooters.
1:37 So that's our job.
1:38 During this chapter we're going to build the database
1:41 that is going to be the backend
1:42 the very simple backend albeit
1:44 of our hover share start up.