#100DaysOfWeb in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 29-32: Static Sites
Lecture: Custom domains on Netlify

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0:00 Now last but not least, the last thing
0:02 I want to show you is our URL.
0:05 Look at that, romantic bends, hopefully
0:07 you've got something slightly better than that.
0:10 It's actually not fantastic, is it?
0:12 You probably don't want to be sharing that with people
0:14 saying hey, this is my blog, or this is my website.
0:17 So what I'd encourage you to do
0:19 just for simplicity's sake, and do not think
0:22 we are affiliated with Netlify in any way
0:24 'cause we're not, it's just for simplicity's sake.
0:29 On your overview tab for your site, for your page
0:33 you can see that our site is deployed.
0:36 Okay? But, we haven't set up a custom domain.
0:40 If you click on that
0:41 you can actually bring your own domain.
0:44 So you can bring a domain name that you already own
0:47 or buy a new one.
0:49 So when you buy the domain with them
0:51 they automatically configure your DNS settings
0:54 and provision a wildcard certificate for your domain.
0:58 So they do a lot of the work for you.
1:00 If you really want to make this a real, proper website
1:04 with a proper URL, follow these steps, and that's it.
1:08 I added this video in purely because I'm sure
1:10 a few of you will probably wonder how you get
1:13 your current domain or how you find a domain.
1:17 If you've probably created
1:18 a nice little website for yourself
1:20 who knows how much a domain might cost?
1:22 It might cost you a couple of bucks
1:24 right, and you might want to show this off.
1:26 So this is where you do it.
1:27 Go through those steps and follow the prompts
1:30 and you'll be able to set up your own domain
1:32 and have a nice little website running.
1:34 That's it.