#100DaysOfWeb in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 29-32: Static Sites
Lecture: How sweet is Netlify auto-build?

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0:00 Now looking back at this site
0:02 that we've just created with our static content
0:05 remember I said that with Netlify
0:08 if you push content to your GitHub repo
0:11 it will automatically sync that over to your live website.
0:15 While refreshing our live website here
0:20 we don't have the image.
0:21 But on our local host, we do.
0:23 And the reason is, we haven't pushed the code, obviously.
0:26 So we need to push our code to our GitHub repo.
0:30 So let's get that done. We can then go back here
0:35 we can simply do a git add . and git commit -m
0:40 pushing the images directory
0:47 and git push origin master
0:50 that will push this logo file plus the images directory
0:55 and all the content we generated in our output folder
0:58 up to our GitHub repo.
1:00 And we can then see pretty much instantly
1:03 we'll be able to see Netlify
1:06 do an automatic build.
1:08 So we go back to our deploys.
1:09 And straightaway look here, today at 9:32pm.
1:13 It's still 9:32, building
1:15 it's automatically building and pushing
1:18 doing our latest commit.
1:20 So you can see the name of the commit there
1:21 pushing the images directory
1:23 once it has finished building
1:25 we'll be able to see that reflected on the live website.
1:28 So this is one of the key things about Netlify
1:30 that makes it really awesome, right?
1:33 Once you have committed that code
1:35 it'll automatically update your website.
1:37 Now that could be a Catch-22 situation for you
1:40 if you've made a mistake
1:42 but you can always roll back, right?
1:45 That's the beauty of GitHub in the back end.
1:46 So let's wait for that to finish building.
1:49 Once it's done, we'll be able to see that in the website.
1:54 And with that published
1:55 finally showed up there published
1:57 probably took about 40 seconds to finish building.
2:01 We can then go back to our website
2:03 reload the page, and there is our image.
2:07 So see how easy that is.
2:08 If you had your own blog
2:10 you could literally write it locally on your computer
2:13 test it, push the code, and bang, it's live.
2:16 You don't actually have to do a thing.
2:18 This is the beauty of static site generators
2:20 and Netlify.