#100DaysOfWeb in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 29-32: Static Sites
Lecture: Setup: Create your repo

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0:00 All right, let's go old school
0:01 and kick off a repository in GitHub.
0:04 If you haven't used GitHub, please go on and sign on.
0:08 You probably would have by now.
0:09 I just have to say that.
0:11 But, as you can see here, this is my homepage on GitHub.
0:14 This is a dummy account I've just created for this
0:17 to keep it simple.
0:18 Click on Create a Repository
0:20 or whatever screen you're on, just
0:22 and let's throw in a name.
0:24 So, I'm just going to name this
0:26 pretty simply 100 Days Website.
0:30 Done. Nothing crazy.
0:32 You come up with your repo and do the same.
0:34 I'm not bothering with the description.
0:36 I'm just going to make this Public, don't really care.
0:39 And, you know what, don't even need a README, so.
0:43 Really simple, nothing crazy.
0:45 We just want a repo we can push and pull code from.
0:49 So that's it. We've got everything done.
0:52 Now, all we need to do is clone the repo.
0:56 So, I'm taking this here.
0:58 I'm going to do it by https
1:01 and I'm just going to bring up my site here
1:04 my folder here, I should say.
1:06 I've created a folder under 100 Days
1:08 a web folder we've been working in called static sites.
1:12 I've got nothing in here.
1:13 I'm just simply going to git clone
1:17 and that url. So, let's let it clone.
1:23 Obviously, there's nothing in there.
1:26 We also got that warning saying
1:28 You appeared to have clone an empty repository.
1:30 That is fine and that's it.
1:33 So for this video, all I want you to do
1:35 is go on GitHub, create your repository
1:38 and set it all up on the command line, clone it in
1:42 and we'll start doing some installations in the next video.