#100DaysOfWeb in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 29-32: Static Sites
Lecture: Your 4 day overview

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0:00 A quick overview of what we are going to be doing over the next four days on static site generators. Firstly, we're going to be playing with Pelican
0:09 which is a Python-based static site generator. Going through the next few videos, we will explain what a static site generator is
0:17 and I will go through all of the detail you need to be able to install it locally and then get your site up and running.
0:26 Now, what's different about these four days compared to the other chapters in the course is for the first two days
0:32 I actually want you to watch all the videos. So actually go through the entire chapter of content don't stop and play.
0:43 Days three and four are for playing. And the reason is, is because when I created the content, it was probably a bit too staggered
0:51 and haphazard to cut you off after one day and then make you wait another day to get cracking on some more content.
1:01 What made more sense, because of the nature of this chapter with static site generators was to just show you the start-to-finish.
1:07 So, create your website, make changes do things with it, add more content and then deploy it. Do all of that upfront, learn how to do it
1:16 and then days three and four is when you can actually do it yourself. So feel free to follow along in the first two days
1:24 but really, just try and understand. Do the basics if you must. Days three and four, go nuts. So, add posts to your site, have fun with a theme
1:35 go into Pelican themes, get all that stuff going. Play with the HTML, create static pages really flesh out your site, make it your own.
1:43 So that's days three and four and I think that actually will work better for you because once you get sucked into this with Pelican
1:49 and how easy this static site generator stuff is you're not going to want to stop, to then watch more videos. So, have a go, have a crack
1:58 and enjoy the next couple of days.

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