#100DaysOfWeb in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 29-32: Static Sites
Lecture: Introduction: Static Sites

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0:00 G'day Julian here again and welcome
0:01 to Static Site Generators.
0:04 For the next four days we are going
0:06 to focus on building our very own static website
0:11 and I actually mean a site that's going
0:13 to exist on the internet so you can keep it
0:15 iterate over it, and use it by all means.
0:20 We are going to build this using Pelican which
0:22 is a framework based around Python
0:26 and then we're going to deploy it onto the internet
0:28 for us to use and play with on the Netlify platform.
0:33 So click next and let's get started.